Best Nootropics for Entrepreneurs

Best Nootropics for Entrepreneurs

If you ask any entrepreneur how they accomplish what they do, they’re likely to say they follow their intuition. However, entrepreneurs rely on their intellect, not their intuition, and what better way to boost the former but by using the best nootropics for entrepreneurs?

As a result, boosting brain function may improve cognitive characteristics associated with successful entrepreneurs. That’s why the best nootropics for entrepreneurs include alpha GPC, uridine, huperzine A, L-theanine, citicoline, organic lion’s mane mushroom extract, and organic ashwagandha root extract. Of course, all of them are contained within Maximum Mind in their purest and most bioavailable form. Let’s find out why below.

Entrepreneurs can use nootropics to boost their attention, motivation, memory, and creativity. They may even foster the problem-solving and risk-taking abilities that entrepreneurs appear to possess instinctively.

As a result, at Marco’s Grounds, we formulated our products with the aims of success by identifying and enhancing entrepreneurial inclinations through the use of nootropics. Continue reading for deeper insights.

“Smart People Learn From Everything and Everyone, Average People From Their Experiences, Stupid People Already Have All the Answers.”
— Socrates


What Are Nootropics?

“The only difference between the master and the novice is that the master has failed more times than the novice has tried.”
―Stephen McCranie

First things first, what are nootropics? Corneliu Giurgea, a Romanian neuroscientist, coined the term nootropic (pronounced new-tropic) in 1972. He believed that smart drugs should be invented and made widely available for the purpose of enhancing the general population’s brain health and increasing human intelligence.

According to Dr Giurgea’s findings, nootropics enhance cognition, memory, alertness, concentration, creativity, and attention. They became known as cognitive enhancers, substances that amplify the way the brain’s many cognitive functions operate and how we process information.

Simply put, cognitive enhancers (or nootropics or smart drugs) are prescription or off-the-counter drugs or supplements that enhance cognition. Some nootropics contribute to brain health while others can be quite dangerous.

Since Marco’s Grounds only works with safe and natural compounds in their purest forms, for most of our discussions we will restrain ourselves to natural nootropics that increase cognition safely. 

How Do Entrepreneurs Think?

“Impossible is just an opinion.”
— Paulo Coelho

Entrepreneurship entails starting and operating a firm; as Marco would say, “entrepreneurship is about not running out of cash.” Thus, it may appear as though innovation and resilience are the most critical entrepreneurial characteristics. However, creating a successful business entails much more than that.

Entrepreneurs’ Brains Are Wired Differently

Did you know entrepreneurs’ brains are wired differently?  Compared to the general population, entrepreneurs are much better at cutting through complexity and ambiguity, as demonstrated in a 2013 Harvard Business Review scientific research [1].

The study used the Stroop Test to assess 30 entrepreneurs and 30 non-entrepreneurs. Essentially, participants were required to discern between a displayed word and the color used to print it. Throughout this test, each participant’s brain activity was monitored.

Surprisingly, the data revealed that the two groups had considerably different brain activity. In the first level of the test, entrepreneurs’ brains were quicker to grasp and respond to ambiguous issues than non-entrepreneurs. Non-entrepreneurs, on the other hand, attempted to analyze the ambiguity before responding.

Additionally, entrepreneurs deciphered the image’s ambiguity at the following stages of the measures, although non-entrepreneurs did not, as they had already done so during the initial step. In other words, they were able to take calculated risks and then inquire.

Why do Entrepreneurs Take More Risks?

Taking calculated risks appears to be critical for entrepreneurial success.

Entrepreneurs are prone to swiftly embrace issues and potential opportunities to avoid missing out on success.

They are more daring than the general population. However, how can entrepreneurs take risks when others do not? To be sure, it’s all about neurochemicals.

Risk-taking behaviors are associated with varying amounts of cortisoltestosterone, and oxytocin in the brain, according to research in Frontiers in Psychology [2]. 

Specifically, elevated amounts of the stress hormone cortisol might make us less willing to take risks. On the other hand, increased testosterone levels can boost our propensity to take risks by triggering a surge of dopamine in dangerous situations. Also, increased amounts of the peptide hormone oxytocin may reduce our inclination for risk-taking by enhancing generosity; levels may increase during times of empathy. Thus, the less stressed entrepreneurs are, the better. Furthermore, the more testosterone they have, the better.

Not to mention, it appears as though the adage “good guys finish last” holds here. Being an entrepreneur does not require you to be disagreeable, although it can help.

Creativity is Crucial for Success

Additionally, imagination is a critical component of entrepreneurship. In essence, innovation may help set your firm apart from the competition. It might provide you with a competitive edge to maximize your profits, according to an article published in Northern University [3].

The act of creative thinking entails experimenting with new and old ideas to develop new answers and improvements. This act needs an exceptionally powerful recall and tremendous concentration. As a result, improving memory and boosting attention may aid in developing entrepreneurial predispositions.

In this context, creativity is also associated with completing tasks without consciously thinking about them. This is a component of the creative flow state, which we’ll discuss in further detail later.

Flow State

Have you ever come to your senses and discovered you’d been working without paying attention? This is referred to as flow state: a condition of superlative task completion. Our desire to finish a job perfectly complements our capability to do so, as seen in the Gallaudet University Press article [4].

Flow state is highly beneficial to creative folks and businesses alike. It enables people to concentrate and complete more work, which results in more innovative ideas and solutions.

Fortunately, nootropics may facilitate the transition into a flow state by improving memory, attention, and motivation. We’ll cover the significance of these functions in further detail below. 

Improving Memory and Focus Can Increase Odds of Success.

Memory and attention are two additional critical components of entrepreneurship.

If we are to generate new ideas and answers via the combination of old and new, we must be able to focus. Focus enables us to encode memories so that they may be stored and retrieved as needed. Then we may generate fresh ideas and creatively tackle difficulties. Not to mention that we cannot accomplish our goals if we are unable to focus on them.

Additionally, one study in Developmental Psychobiology indicates that those who struggle with encoding and storing future objectives in working memory are less likely to consider future benefits while making choices [5].

In other words, they may be less willing to take risks in the future. That is why memory and concentration are critical.

In general, memory and attention operate in tandem to activate the entrepreneurial brain’s flow state and creativity. However, we cannot or will not act without appropriate incentives.

Entrepreneurs Need Motivation for Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Finally, but certainly not least, motivation is necessary for diligence as well as a sound sense of urgency. It pulls us ahead in the face of danger, potential failure, time limits, personal challenges, and all other obstacles. However, how do entrepreneurs sustain the drive to perform at their best under duress?

To be sure, the brain of a motivated entrepreneur may secrete more dopamine than that of others. Thus, raising dopamine levels in the brain may aid entrepreneurs in becoming and remaining motivated.

Indeed, research indicates that human brains contain two distinct kinds of dopamine neurons. They collaborate to “deliver separate motivating signals regarding rewarding and unsatisfying activities.” Thus, boosting dopamine neuron production may aid entrepreneurs in need of a motivational boost.

Entrepreneurs are notorious for multitasking. However, technically, people prefer to transition between jobs fast rather than focusing on many things concurrently. Regardless, by increasing general cognition, we may increase the speed and efficiency with which we move between activities.

Benefits of the Best Nootropics for Entrepreneurs?

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time, we fall.”
— Confucius

Nootropics are brain boosters that have been proven to affect all aspects of human cognition positively. They function by modifying brain chemicals to improve cognitive performance throughout daily tasks.

Anyone can use nootropics to enhance their cognitive output. Those aiming to start and manage a business, on the other hand, may profit more than others.

The best nootropics for entrepreneurs can benefit them in various ways, including by raising motivation and focusing their attention, enhancing memory, minimizing stress responses, promoting creativity, and assisting in the induction of flow state. 

Essentially, nootropics can assist business owners in overcoming obstacles and succeeding. This is critical if you wish to establish and sustain a firm. We’ll examine which nootropics can aid entrepreneurial success and why they are the best nootropics for entrepreneurs.

Best Nootropics for Entrepreneurs: Maximum Mind

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
— Albert Einstein

Listed below are some of the most remarkable nootropic substances for entrepreneurs currently available on the market, in our opinion. All of these are included in our top-quality pharmaceutical-grade cognitive and mind-enhancing complex.

green tea leaf L-Theanine


L-theanine is a nootropic supplement that is well-known for its calming properties. It has been shown to lessen negative stress reactions and increase attention, ideal for businesses. It does this by upregulating alpha brainwaves and inhibiting excitatory brain chemicals.

L-theanine research published in Brain Topography demonstrates its potential to alleviate anxiety and maintain attention for extended periods of time. For instance, the study determined that L-Theanine can aid in “maintaining focus throughout a challenging job.”[6]

In other words, it may help us maintain concentration on tiresome jobs and accomplish long-term goals. This might be advantageous for businesses that have difficulty following through, and thus this makes L-theanine one of the best nootropics of entrepreneurs.

Note: there’s an effective dose of L-theanine from organic green tea leaf extract in each dose of Maximum Mind.

Read more about L-theanine on the Marco’s Grounds Deep Dive or find out the best caffeine and L-theanine combination here.

Uridine in beetroot


The liver produces uridine monophosphate from dietary uridine and excretes it in the blood.

Dietary uridine may be found in many foods, yet the supplement may be necessary to obtain its exceptional effects and advantages, particularly those connected to cognition. Thus, entrepreneurs may benefit from supplementing uridine.

Additional uridine has been shown to cross the blood-brain barrier. CDP choline is the end product of uridine metabolism in the brain. CDP choline is subsequently converted into phosphatidylcholine and acetylcholine.

To safeguard and strengthen new synapses, the brain needs to make additional CDP choline, which is made possible by uridine. By encouraging the development of brain cell projections or branches known as neurites, which are crucial for neural signaling, uridine leads to the production of new synapses.

In a Neuroscience study, uridine supplementation significantly increased the number of neurites per cell and the branching of these neurites [7]. Neuronal expansion and branching are closely linked to improved cognition.

According to a Nutrition reviews article [8], uridine’s combined actions to enhance and strengthen neuroplasticity, or the brain’s ability to reconstruct and alter in response to learning and brain training, makes it one of the best nootropics for entrepreneurs to consider in their toolset.

Note: there’s an effective dose of uridine at 99% purity in each dose of Maximum Mind.

Read more about uridine on the Marco’s Grounds Deep Dive or dig deeper into the benefits of uridine here.

Organic Huperzia Serrata Leaf Extract

Organic Huperzia Serrata Leaf Extract

Extracts from a plant called Chinese club moss or Huperzia Serrata contain huperzine A. Huperzine A is frequently promoted as an anti-aging drug, dietary supplement, or treatment against Alzheimer’s disease.

As an anti-cholinesterase agent, huperzine A has been demonstrated to be useful in increasing focus and concentration through acetylcholine (a chemical essential to learning and memory) reuptake inhibition. 

Additionally, huperzine A has been shown in studies to improve learning and memory and protect against cognitive loss as we get older.

For these reasons, huperzine A might be one of the best nootropics for entrepreneurs.

Note: there’s an effective dose of huperzine A at 50% purity in each dose of Maximum Mind.

Read more about huperzine A on the Marco’s Grounds Deep Dive or read more about the benefits of huperzine A here.

Organic Ashwagandha Root Extract

Organic Ashwagandha Root Extract

Known as “Indian Ginseng,” Ashwagandha is a common ingredient in Ayurveda as a Rasayana or medicinal plant (tonic). When it comes to your mental and physical health, Rasayana is regarded as a supplement that can help entrepreneurs feel better physically and mentally.

As one of the best nootropics for entrepreneurs, ashwagandha can significantly help in relieving stress and anxiety by lowering cortisol, the primary stress hormone.

The Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines reports that ashwagandha enhances cognition and memory and the capacity to carry out daily chores [9]. 

Interestingly, it also helps with weight loss. Stress-related eating cravings can be lessened by supplementing with ashwagandha as well.

Thus, the stress-lowering properties of ashwagandha combined with its memory and cognition-increasing properties make this ancient root one of the best nootropics for entrepreneurs.

Note: there’s an effective dose of organic ashwagandha full-spectrum root extract, standardized at 10% withanolides, and less than 1% withaferin A in each dose of Maximum Mind.

Read more about ashwagandha on the Marco’s Grounds Deep Dive or dig deeper into the benefits of ashwagandha here.

Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract

Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract

If you’ve ever walked through a forest and noticed a cluster of shaggy white hair clinging to a tree trunk, you’ve undoubtedly come across a lion’s mane mushroom. The Lion’s Mane (Hericium Erinaceus) is an uncommon edible fungus found in North America, Northern Europe, and Asia.

One of organic lion’s mane mushroom extract’s benefits is that it boosts energy, which is a necessary component for any entrepreneur as their energy levels typically fall dramatically as they work relentlessly to achieve their goals.

When you are exhausted, it can be challenging to think clearly. Fortunately, the lion’s mane has anti-fatigue properties, promotes physical vigor, and does not trigger the jitters or crashes associated with caffeinated beverages.

Additionally, the beta-glucans from the lion’s mane mushroom helps the brain produce Nerve Growth Factors (NGF), a neurotrophic growth factor responsible for the formation of new neurons, as found in the journal of Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin [10].

Thus, we may safely conclude that the memory-enhancing and energy-boosting of the lion’s mane mushroom combined with its neuron regenerating properties make it one of the best nootropics for entrepreneurs to incorporate in their daily regiment. 

Note: there’s an effective dose of organic lion’s mane full-spectrum fruiting body at 40% minimum beta-glucans, in each dose of Maximum Mind.

Read more about lion’s mane on the Marco’s Grounds Deep Dive or find more about the benefits of lion’s mane here.

Alpha GPC

Acetylcholine is an essential neurotransmitter, and alpha GPC is a metabolic precursor for acetylcholine. Choline’s nootropic form, alpha GPC, is regarded as a building block for raising brain acetylcholine levels.

As a neurotransmitter, acetylcholine has a pivotal role in both the fight or flight response and the relaxation response of the autonomic nervous system. Involved in the activation of muscles, it is a biochemical signal.

Alpha GPC has been shown in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition to protect our brains against cognitive decline as we get older and increase our brain’s ability to function at a high level. In addition, it improves emotional stability, mental performance, and memory recall [11].

Alpha GPC boosts attention and concentration by strengthening and protecting brain cells, thus making it the best supplement for entrepreneurs.

Alpha GPC has been shown to improve both long-term memory and short-term recollection. Alzheimer’s, stroke, and vascular dementia are just a few of the conditions it has been shown to help with.

The stimulant-free focus and energy alpha GPC provides make it one of the best nootropics for entrepreneurs, especially when combined with uridine and citicoline. 

Note: there’s an effective dose of alpha GPC at 99% purity in each dose of Maximum Mind.

Read more about alpha GPC on the Marco’s Grounds Deep Dive or dig deeper into the benefits of alpha GPC here.

Citicoline as Cognizin®

In the formation of cell membrane phospholipids, citicoline is an endogenous molecule that breaks down into choline and cytidine when administered externally. Different nucleotides and phospholipids found in neuronal membranes are synthesized using cytidine. It influences the amounts of certain neurotransmitters in the brain.

Citicoline has several benefits, including ord and concept recall: It helps with both short-term and long-term memory. As a result, it enhances verbal memory performance in adults. Citicoline also helps with focus and attention. 

A study in neurological review found that citicoline protects neurons from damage in hypoxic and ischemic circumstances and enhances cognitive function [12]. Attention and perceptual-motor abilities and behavioral and emotional control can be improved by taking citicoline.

However, what makes citicoline one of the best nootropics for entrepreneurs is its ability to foster memory and focus.

Note: there’s an effective dose of citicoline as Cognizin® in each dose of Maximum Mind. 

Read more about citicoline on the Marco’s Grounds Deep Dive and about the benefits of citicoline for brain power here.



“Never regret a day in your life. Good days bring you happiness and bad days give you experience.”
— Unknown

Entrepreneurs can benefit greatly from focus, attention, memory, and creativity in their daily lives and make their business ventures successful. Thus, the best nootropics for entrepreneurs are the ones that improve focus, memory, motivation, and stress reduction.

Entrepreneurs may benefit from the use of nootropics since they can help them solve problems, take risks, and come up with new ideas directly. They can also assist in completing their objectives.

Why not experience the best nootropics for entrepreneurs in their purest form along with other clinically studied compounds for increasing brain performance and health with Maximum Mind?



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