Testosterone and Productivity

Testosterone and Productivity

You don’t hear the link between testosterone and productivity too often. In fact, some people even tell me I’m crazy when they find out I formulate cognitive enhancers with views of facilitating human greatness using natural testosterone-increasing compounds like ashwagandha or bacopa. I think they’re grossly misguided, and here’s why.

“Anything Not Worth Doing Is Not Worth Doing Well.”
― Robert Fulghum


Productivity is often thought of as this “coloring-within-the-lines-faster” thing. There’s a notion of effectiveness to it, e.g., replying to emails faster, writing reports faster, using fewer resources when making marketing material, etc. That’s one side of productivity.

That’s the side you hear the most about because the overwhelming majority of people are paid by doing things that already exist in already-existing organizations just a little bit faster. This kind of content is made for them. I’d also argue that’s the kind of thinking that will make you reasonably well-off, but not more.

But it’s also not entirely what productivity is. By definition, productivity is maximum profit (you see very well where I’m going here). Also, maximum profit requires maximum effort and discomfort.


Enter Testosterone – Creator of Drive

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.”

So, what’s the link between testosterone and productivity and where does testosterone fit in the frame? You might think about testosterone as this hormone responsible for muscle mass and sex drive, which it is. But there’s more to it.

I’d argue muscle mass is just a consequence. 

You see, in nature, when elks get at the peak of mating season, testosterone rushes through their veins and gifts them with the aggression and will to fight other gigantic bull elks (males can get up to 600 kg or 1300 lbs) in head-to-head collisions so that they may get mating rights.

Testosterone is key in giving them the motivation and the drive to push through the pain and move forward regardless of how difficult it is or how scared they might be. Generally speaking, elks with less testosterone lose and are eliminated from the gene pool. The stakes will never be higher.

This is the real genetic competition that storms through life every day, a battle of DNAs in the pursuit of ever-increasingly better, fitter traits.

Now, you’re not an elk. Your goals transcend pure mating rights (well, I’m sure you still enjoy the fruits of being a high-status male now and again).

But the basics remain. High testosterone makes you endure the immense pain of growth. It makes you push further on those days you feel alone, and nobody cares about your journey. It helps you stay calm and composed when solving problems.

There’s so much more to extreme mental performance than just raw brainpower.

Organic Ashwagandha Root Extract

And that’s why we formulate Maximum Mind with testosterone-supporting compounds like organic ashwagandha root extract and organic bacopa monnieri leaf extract. These are called adaptogens that increase the body’s resistance to stress by lowering cortisol levels and leaving space for testosterone.

Note: there’s an effective dose of organic ashwagandha full-spectrum root extract, standardized at 10% withanolides, and less than 1% withaferin A and of organic bacopa monnieri leaf extract at 50% minimum bacosides, in each dose of Maximum Mind.

This is where the whole-encompassing design philosophy of my company comes into consideration when designing cognitive enhancers and where my competitors are wrong.

It’s like building an F1 car. They try to build the biggest engine possible, ignoring the track and its curves, when in fact, a balance of power, acceleration, curving, and more is needed to be handling the track and by analogy life. 

Raw brainpower alone is useless if you don’t have the drive to use it and the calm mood to stay on track with your goals and milestones.

What if you’re a woman? The same applies to you. You also need healthy levels of testosterone and no amount of natural supplements is going to push you over the “manly” zone. Also, candidly speaking, we’re all far below what our natural hormone levels should be.

I hope I provided a new valuable perspective on testosterone and productivity to you today that can help you on your path. If you haven’t yet, try Maximum Mind and experience all the benefits we’ve been talking about and more. Read the standalone Maximum Mind studies here.

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