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Our Customers

Marco's Grounds

"I need this supplement because I'm a sailor, Chief Engineer, 60 years of age and have a lot of resposibilities. With Maximum Mind I can really focus and have everything under control. My mind says thank you."

Martin Maliangkay
Marco's Grounds

"I own two businesses, have lots of self-development practices, meditation, cold showers, clean diet, good sleep, etc. Biohacking is part of my life and I coach others how to get maximum results. So Maximum Mind was a natural addition to my nootropic toolkit, and I've used quite a few. Have been using for 2 weeks now and can say I've noticed an increase in my "mood to work" and connections made easier, getting into flow states more often too."

Marius Iliescu
Marco's Grounds

"I wanted to say; I had about 20 pills left of Maximum Mind from last year. I just did a break of supplements for a few weeks and took 3 pills of it yesterday and 3 pills today and can definitely tell the difference on my focus and ability to stay sharp at work."

Michael Melly
Marco's Grounds

"This product is amazing. After taking 2 my thoughts become clearer and my actions seem to have more intent. I've noticed this clarity that is astounding. If you are a cerebral person, this product is for you. As stated in the headline, this really helps my ADHD. I actually prefer this over adderall. It gives me focus without the "high." Now this is the effect I see."

Allan Duke