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Simply stated, a nootropic or cognitive enhancer (or smart drug) is a natural or synthetic compound that helps increase mental performance. Nootropics have multiple modes of action to promote memory, alertness, concentration, attention, motivation, relaxation, mood, alertness, stress resistance, and other cognition aspects. Several brain circuits may be enhanced with some nootropics. Cognitive enhancers can also help with long-term brain health or slow down cognitive decline.

MAXIMUM MIND is a blend of 16 clinically backed, natural, and beneficial nootropic compounds combined to address six behavioral output pathways in the brain: brain capacity, brain chemistry, brain blood flow, brain regeneration, brain protection, and optimal brain waves. MAXIMUM MIND is built to help both short-term cognitive function and long-term brain health as a universal high-end nootropic complex with diverse, far-ranging support.

Thanks to our advanced formulation strategy and superior active extraction technology, MAXIMUM MIND is different and better than any nootropic formulation ever developed. MAXIMUM MIND is the most comprehensive mental performance product available. Its fast-acting formula is designed to fuel cognition while supporting long-term brain health. MAXIMUM MIND combines high-potency, high-purity, organic ingredients by considering their complex synergy to create a multiplicative effect that goes far beyond what any component on its own would achieve. The formulation also makes innovative use of permeation enhancers – molecules that increase other compounds’ impact – to circumvent one of the highest pharmacology barriers: dose-dependent side effects. This enables Marco’s Grounds to use absolutely safe doses and yet still produce an incredible effect. MAXIMUM MIND goes above and beyond by not only increasing beneficial neurotransmitters but also decreasing their rate of breakdown, thus solving the limited brainpower problem on both sides.

MAXIMUM MIND® is a whole-brain optimizer formulated to facilitate an adaptive peak-performing mental state, unlike brain supplements that target one or two mental performance aspects. Therefore, MAXIMUM MIND® gains occur in several directions and extend to satisfy all cognitive demands.
–       Professionals have increased multitasking or stronger single-task concentration in the workplace.
–       Athletes feel more energized and motivated to work out.
–       Students note enhanced learning ability and relaxed clarity to complete exams.
–       Competitors experience enhanced strategic analysis and quicker response times during contest times.
–       MAXIMUM MIND® can soothe the mind and brighten mood while increasing verbal fluency in social environments.
–       Generally, most users notice increased focus, a sharper memory, shorter processing times, raised energy, and a more balanced mood.
As a universal cognitive enhancer improving several mechanisms of our most complex organ MAXIMUM MIND® will most likely boost any part of human lives.

We believe our customers want high purity ingredients in bioavailable forms to experience the full benefits of MAXIMUM MIND. There are enough products in the low to mid-range segment that simply fail to replicate clinical benefits due to insufficient dosages or unwise ratios.

To answer this fully we need to dig deeper into the chemistry of high purity compounds. Most other products use fillers to reduce purity and increase fluidity of the material for manufacturing. We don’t use fillers. We use only high purity materials, which permits us to pack so much punch in only 4 daily caps.

For instance, our alpha-GPC and uridine come at 99% purity. These compounds, when pure, tend to absorb ambient moisture very fast. This has a huge drawback for manufacturing as it slows down fully automatic machines. 

This naturally along with the prices of higher purity extracts, pushes prices higher. Yet, we know that there is a demand for high-quality products and we’re happy to fill that need.

MAXIMUM MIND effects are dose-dependent, varying with chemistry, body weight, general sensitivity, and desired intensity level. The standard dose for most adult people is four capsules—one standard daily serving size. Customers report feeling great benefits already after two to three weeks. At the standard dose, benefits will keep increasing gradually until about 16 weeks of use. At around 16 weeks of use, the effects reach their maximum. Ceasing the use of the product eliminates the effect. Some users report feeling sluggish after discontinuing the use of MAXIMUM MIND; this feeling is likely to be a simple return to normal/suboptimal brain nourishment.
We recommend at least four weeks of continuous use to assess the effects.

MAXIMUM MIND is designed to replenish vital ingredients required for high-level cognition and give your brain the nourishment it needs so you can perform at your peak. The ingredients in MAXIMUM MIND are clinically proven (read the science here) to increase neurotransmitter activity, fuel the brain while enhancing memory, focus, clarity, and mood, and increase alpha brain waves activity. Short term, MAXIMUM MIND works to balance mood, soothe the mind, and sharpen mental clarity, increasing alpha brain waves, helping you apply laser focus to the task in front of you. Within six weeks, the formula’s ingredients have been clinically proven to increase brain ATP production (adenosine triphosphate) by 14% and increase brain cell membranes’ formation by 26%.

Taking MAXIMUM MIND for an extended period will elevate and sustain the overall peak cognitive performance. Beyond its performance-enhancing effects, supplementation with MAXIMUM MIND also supports long-term healthy cognitive function by slowing down the brain aging while maintaining optimal brain structure. MAXIMUM MIND is the ultimate formula for supporting peak brain function now, along with mental clarity and sharp memory decades later in life.

MAXIMUM MIND effects are dose-dependent, varying with chemistry, body weight, general sensitivity, and desired intensity level. The standard dose for most people is 4 (four) capsules—one standard daily serving size. Take MAXIMUM MIND with your first meal of the day, as dietary fats facilitate our cognitive and mind-enhancing compounds’ absorption. It does not necessarily matter when that meal is, as MAXIMUM MIND does not interfere with your sleep. Ideally, the daily dose should be split into two doses, e.g., one with breakfast and one with lunch. For those people having only one meal a day, taking your daily dose in one serving with your meal is preferable to taking one dose without food. For those people fasting for prolonged periods, MAXIMUM MIND can still be ingested on an empty stomach, depending on individual preferences, fasting philosophies, and stomach tolerance. Technically speaking, MAXIMUM MIND doesn’t biologically break a fast, as it contains no metabolizable calories. Optimal dosage can vary based on sensitivity more than on body weight. Don’t take more than 4 (four) capsules at once or more than 6 (six) in a day.
To take the most out of your product, please consult our guide: MAXIMUM MIND Experience
Yes. Cycling refers to the habit of taking a supplement on consecutive days (the “on” cycle) and then taking a break (the “off” cycle). Cycling is thought to reset the body’s built-up tolerance to a nutraceutical, allowing that supplement to consistently work at its true full potency. MAXIMUM MIND is designed to be taken six days on and a day off each week. This maximizes the benefits while preventing desensitization. It does not matter if the off-cycle day is on different days each week, as long as it happens each week.
To take the most out of your product, please consult our guide: MAXIMUM MIND Experience

Yes. The 16 plant-based ingredients in MAXIMUM MIND are generally recognized as safe (GRAS). MAXIMUM MIND is more than just safe, however. This high-end formulation contains no fillers, gluten, caffeine, synthetic additives, artificial colors, GMO, or preservatives. Also, MAXIMUM MIND is banned substances tested.

MAXIMUM MIND is the only universal nootropic supplement of its type with a 100% clean composition. Even the capsules are the cleanest on the market.
MAXIMUM MIND is 100% brain-boosting nourishment, with components that are easier to consume and use by the body in upgraded, enhanced-potency formulations.
We take all these quality steps to create a pharmaceutical-grade cognitive and mind-enhancing complex that works for all and is healthy and comfortable for every lifestyle.

Possibly. Marco’s Grounds can’t comment on the merits of the specific supplements you are taking and any possible interactions. We can generally say that MAXIMUM MIND should be fine with other dietary supplements. We recommend responsibility and conducting your own research regarding chemistry and interactions and consulting with professional practitioners who can support you with additional personal insight.

We recommend that MAXIMUM MIND be taken by itself, meaning that if you take another supplement, you take it with other meals. Hence, there is no competition for absorption when MAXIMUM MIND is being taken, at least until you get a sense of MAXIMUM MIND. Many people who use MAXIMUM MIND take many other supplements and vary their supplements based on their activities, training regimens, and personalized needs.

Certainly, there are nutrients, herbs, and others that can be beneficial for someone beyond MAXIMUM MIND. If you are adequately informed about this topic and feel competent to self-assess or have a good practitioner guiding you, proceed accordingly.

Possibly. We have no idea, nor can we possibly know, what kind of medication you are taking.
Before taking MAXIMUM MIND or any supplement, please consult with your physician to confirm no potential contraindications. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Show your doctor a printout of our ingredients list.
MAXIMUM MIND contains ingredients that should not be taken by people on MAO inhibitors, SSRIs, or any other psychiatric or neurological medicines. It should not be taken by people with psychiatric or neurologic disorders, high blood pressure, heart conditions, endocrine disorders, cancer, phenylketonuria (PKU), muscular dystrophy, or people on immunosuppressive therapy. It should not be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers or children under 18.
If any undesired side effects are noticed, discontinue the use of the product immediately, and seek proper medical attention if needed.

Before, after, and during the production process, MAXIMUM MIND goes through several quality management and quality assurance tests. An impartial third-party auditing agency also checks the final product to ensure authenticity, consistency, and overall purity while also controlling for banned substances.

MAXIMUM MIND effects are dose-dependent, varying with chemistry, body weight, general sensitivity, and desired intensity level. The standard dose for most people is four capsules—two standard serving sizes. Take MAXIMUM MIND with your first meal of the day, as dietary fats facilitate our cognitive and mind-enhancing compounds’ absorption. It does not necessarily matter when that meal is, as MAXIMUM MIND does not interfere with your sleep.

Racetams are a common nootropics class. Racetams are synthetic products manufactured in labs. Alternatively, MAXIMUM MIND emphasizes natural and botanical nootropics.
Racetams can have intense, highly stimulating effects. MAXIMUM MIND is intended to be a stimulant-free and healthy alternative. Racetams produce good brain-boosting in the short term at an unknown health cost in the long run. Although racetams have a wide following, their cognitive enhancing modes of action are not yet well understood. MAXIMUM MIND produces arguably the highest stimulant-free natural cognitive enhancement and has beneficial, highly studied long-term effects.
Regardless, racetam-class nootropics can be taken independently and additionally if desired and if you’re adequately informed about their use and effect. They can stack with MAXIMUM MIND efficiently.

Standardization is a system in which herbs are lab-calibrated to guarantee a precise amount of active health-promoting ingredients. Many factors may impact a plant’s efficacy, such as bad growing seasons, harvest time, and contaminants from the environment.

Standardization means that the herb can reliably produce the botanical active ingredients that function to improve wellbeing amid these variables. Since standardization offers customized, accurate levels of active compounds, it may also be used to improve an herb’s cumulative potency.

Patented and trademarked types of nutrients that theoretically provide some type of benefit over plain forms of nutrients are used in MAXIMUM MIND. Some are also supported by well-designed scientific human trials proving their efficacy. Branded foods are usually more potent than their plain counterparts, like standardized herbs.

However, since the patenting process sets their formulation in stone, they cannot evolve with research and new extraction techniques. That’s why MAXIMUM MIND only contains Cognizin® as the current most potent form of citicoline. Cognizin® is still the best form of citicoline available.

Not all branded products are perfect. It took time for Marco’s Grounds to find and source the world’s best nootropics. All other ingredients in MAXIMUM MIND are more potent than the outdated trademarked forms at this time.

Yes. All of MAXIMUM MIND ingredients are safe (GRAS) and legal all over the world. MAXIMUM MIND is also free from banned drugs highlighted by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), so elite, amateur, college athletes, and gamers can take it as a healthy, legitimate cognitive performance enhancer.

Yes. MAXIMUM MIND is suitable for vegans. MAXIMUM MIND is made of 100% raw plant-based ingredients. Maximum Mind also contains vitamin D3 (sourced from wild lichen), which is far superior to vitamin D2 that most vegan supplements have.

No. As a consequence of the types of ingredients necessary for manufacturing nootropics, such as MAXIMUM MIND, there are no fully organic nootropic formulations to the best of our knowledge.

This is also more a regulation question than anything else. For instance, the soy used for our Alpha-GPC is certified organic, yet we cannot refer to our Alpha-GPC as organic. The vitamin D from our complex is extracted from wild lichen that grows in forests in North America. We are also not allowed to refer to any of those ingredients as organic.
We care greatly about the quality and safety of MAXIMUM MIND. Our ingredients are tested for purity, microbial contamination, and heavy metals. We also test the finished product to ensure quality during manufacturing further.

MAXIMUM MIND is gluten-free, plant-based, stimulant-free, and non-GMO. It has no sweeteners, artificial colors, or flavors and is also made with vegetable capsules.

No. All of MAXIMUM MIND ingredients are safe (GRAS) and legal all over the world. MAXIMUM MIND is also free from banned drugs highlighted by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), so elite, amateur, and college athletes and gamers can take it as a healthy, legitimate cognitive performance enhancer.

Marco’s Grounds believes the clean manufacturing of supplements should include sound environmental practices. Bottles from MAXIMUM MIND are 100% recyclable, made from 25 post-consumer content. We also use environmentally friendly shipping practices, such as biodegradable boxes and materials for packing.

Yes. The free sample comes in the form of our 30-day moneyback guarantee. With many premium and costly ingredients, MAXIMUM MIND is a superior quality supplement. We never cut corners on quality. MAXIMUM MIND is happy to offer a risk-free, empty bottle, money-back guarantee instead of freebies.

There is no hassle! We’ll give you the world’s best money-back policy too! Marco’s Grounds and MAXIMUM MIND are about outstanding quality, both in the product and the services surrounding the product. It stands to reason we’ll also give you the best money-back guarantee on the planet. If you do not love our product for any reason, simply get in touch here or by email and let us know you’d like a refund. That’s all there is to it. You do not have to return anything to us. The product is yours to keep.

Our 30-Day Money-Back Policy is as simple as our product is sophisticated. The policy applies as a full refund within 30 days for all first-time purchasers of an initial order of a product or first order of a subscription. It does not apply to an individual’s additional product order placed after an initial order—limited to one guarantee per item per household.

For several reasons, we have chosen not to sell MAXIMUM MIND on Amazon. But primarily because we can use our site to offer a much better customer experience. We believe we can offer a better customer experience for our product than Amazon.

Marco’s Grounds is about total customer satisfaction. Value creation for the customer is our purpose. We create the cleanest and most sophisticated mind and cognitive enhancing complex in the world, 100% natural for daily use.

Unfortunately, the firms on Amazon do not necessarily share these views. We do not want our premium supplements to appear next to inferior quality products or be associated in any way with them. Additionally, competitors easily manipulate Amazon reviews. With little, if any, moderation.

Our site is the best store to purchase our products by far. To fully understand and appreciate the long-range benefits of MAXIMUM MIND, you will find all the supporting information you need here.

Also, we have a dedicated team of 24/7 customer service professionals available and who typically respond very quickly to emailed questions. On Amazon, this depth of knowledge and consistency of care is just not feasible.

No. It is available on our website only.

Please click here to contact our customer care. They will answer any question you might have relative to Marco’s Grounds, MAXIMUM MIND, or nootropics and nutraceuticals.



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