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Maximum Mind Experience

Maximum Mind Experience

Maximum Mind Instructions

Maximum Mind effects are dose-dependent, varying with chemistry, body weight, general sensitivity, and desired intensity level. The standard dose for most people is 4 (four) capsules—two standard daily servings. Take Maximum Mind with your first meal of the day, as dietary fats facilitate our cognitive and mind-enhancing compounds’ absorption. It does not necessarily matter when that meal is, as Maximum Mind stimulant-free formulation does not interfere with your sleep.

Ideally, the daily dose should be split into two doses, e.g., one with breakfast and one with lunch. For those people having only one meal a day, taking your daily dose in one serving with your meal is preferable to taking one dose without food. For those people fasting for prolonged periods, Maximum Mind can still be ingested on an empty stomach, depending on individual preferences, fasting philosophies, and stomach tolerance. Technically speaking, Maximum Mind doesn’t biologically break a fast, as it contains no metabolizable calories.

Optimal dosage can vary based on sensitivity more than on body weight. Don’t take more than 4 (four) capsules at once or more than 6 (six) in a day.

Everyone’s body chemistry is unique, of course, and some users find that increasing or decreasing the standard dose is key to maximizing the effects for their individual needs. If the usual dosage does not match your needs, we invite you to experiment and adjust your dosage to find your optimal intake.


For Best Effects

Maximum Mind was designed to work for those getting proper sleep, in generally good health, and practicing good self-care. Please read our full medical disclaimer on our website to make sure Maximum Mind is right for you. Proper sleep is the number one issue preventing users from getting the desired effects from Maximum Mind. If you are not getting the results you were expecting, stop taking Maximum Mind and work on getting enough sleep and try Maximum Mind again.


Cycling Your Use

Maximum Mind is designed to be taken six days on and a day off each week. This maximizes the benefits while preventing desensitization. It does not matter if the off-cycle day is on different days each week, as long as it happens each week.


Medical Disclaimer

Maximum Mind is not intended for children, pregnant, or nursing women. You should not take Maximum Mind if you are on any SSRI or MAOI medication (hint: if those acronyms mean nothing to you, you’re probably not taking those medications), nor is Maximum Mind intended to treat or cure any medical condition.

You should consult a licensed physician before taking Maximum Mind if you have any questions or concerns regarding Maximum Mind as it relates to your unique medical history and prescribed medications, especially if you have any preexisting conditions.
Improper use of this product will not improve results.

Please read our full medical disclaimer before use.


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