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What Makes A Strong Body?

What Makes A Strong Body?

A great mind makes a great body. Nothing happens without the mind.

“Birds Born in a Cage Think Flying Is an Illness.”
―Alejandro Jodorowsky

Inquisition, Creator of the Better

The inquisitive mind to acquire new information and perform value assessments on that information is the second part of the equation.

Looking for better ways, being able to accurately predict the useful and discard the pointless, is what provides sustainable advantages in the information age.

Physical fitness is not a physical endeavor. It’s the consequence of an effective and conscientious mind.

So is everything else.

When’s the last time you’ve done anything to preserve the integrity of the very real flesh and matter that constitutes your mind?

Keeping human minds healthy and strong is the whole reason why my company makes Maximum Mind, our pharmaceutical grade cognitive and mind enhancing complex. I originally developed it for me (almost by accident). 

Now you can get it, too, if the heart (or mind?) desires.

Maximum Mind supports clear thinking and increases your tolerance to stress. It helps you focus on complex tasks. It enhances and balances your mood. It helps you learn new concepts faster, reach flow states easier, crush the to-do list, react quicker, and keep your brain healthy for longer. And of course, I made it all natural, non-GMO, gluten free, stimulant free, etc. 

That’s probably why it’s so powerful.

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