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The Quality of your Mind dictates the quality of your life

Your brain is the limiting factor for improving and keeping all areas of your life balanced. Investing in its performance and health pays off.
Imagine your brain firing on all cylinders.

There’s only happiness and fulfilment in this great balancing exercise that is the human experience when all pieces align.

Mind. Body. Connection.


“We don't make supplements to make money, we make money to make more supplements”

—Marco de Almeida, Founder, Marco’s Grounds
“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”
Paulo Coelho​

I was so frustrated.

I used to have so many things to do. I couldn’t think straight. My mind seemed to always be on overdrive, yet I couldn’t get anything done or focus on anything for more than a couple of minutes.

Before I founded Marco’s Grounds I worked in a nice corporate office by the lake in Zurich, Switzerland. I had to-dos and had no choice but to multitask. If I didn’t stay on top of everything, I risked losing clients for the firm. I had so many demands to meet, so many deadlines to respect. You’d think my mind would be focused on accomplishing tasks with relentless purpose. It wasn’t. My mind would wander away so easily. It’s almost like it was a terrible joke.

The more I had to do the less I could focus. The more I needed to think fast, the slower my mind was. The more I needed creative problem solving, the more stuck on old ways I was. I was forgetting tasks I had to accomplish, losing trains of thoughts midway through, not being able to remember the names of people I had just met, genuinely feeling desperate, powerless and overwhelmed by it all.

But then I found a solution.



“I'm taking nootropics out of the closet they put themselves in. I want the general public to know what maximum mind can do for them”

—Marco de Almeida, Founder, Marco’s Grounds
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As I was talking with investors, doctors, and laboratories, to formulate and bring MAXIMUM MIND to the world, I explained to them my vision.

I wanted to create a product to support me in my tough, highly brain-draining activities. I wanted to cater to my needs and to my standards without half measures or cheap stimulants. I wanted to make the best humanly achievable.

But I also wanted to make it healthy.

And that’s precisely what Marco’s Grounds has done. We pushed the limits of what a pharmaceutical grade cognitive and mind enhancing formula is. We sourced the highest quality raw ingredients from organic family-owned farms. We partnered with the most prestigious laboratories from all over the world. We worked our hands to the bone to bring the purest quality achievable to the market.

We broke new grounds.

At this point, there’s one thing I know for sure: we designed the product I want to use for me, and to offer to my loved ones!

I hope you try it one day, if you haven’t yet. It’s quite good, if I dare say so myself.





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